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Selection of 5 for £10 / 7 for £14 / 10 for £20


Each canapé carries a minimum order of 20. Prices are per person and exclusive of VAT.

All canapes are delivered on ceramic platters or plates.



Beef Carpaccio on a Parmesan Crisp with Truffle Oil (GF)

Smoked Duck on Crispy Wonton with Cucumber, Spring

Onion & Plum Sauce Ballotine of Corn Fed Chicken with

Parma, Pistachio, Pear & Apricot Chutney (GF)

Pork Fillet on Sourdough Crostini with Tuna Mayonnaise, Crispy Capers & Sage Crisp Roast Beef in a Mini Yorkshire Pudding

Beef Fillet with Potato Fondant & Bearnaisae (GF)

Gougeres with Chicken & Wild Mushroom Fricasee

Chicken Liver Parfait on Toasted Brioche & Port Wine

Pearls Glazed Pork Belly & Scallop Skewer (GF)

Moroccan Chicken Cigars with Almonds & Honey

Shredded Duck Savoury Doughnut with Cucumber, Spring Onion & Hoisin



Lobster & Chervil Tartelette with Shellfish Glaze

Crab & Avocado on Toasted Soda Bread

Mini Potato Skins with Salt Cod Brandade Quail’s Egg & Smoked Paprika (GF)

Hot Smoked Salmon with Artichoke Pesto & Shaved Marinated Fennel on Soda Bread

Lobster Bisque Shot with Cheese Straw

Smoked Salmon Blini with Shredded Beetroot

Tuna Tataki on Togarashi with Ponzu Glaze (GF)

Smoked Trout Flatbread

Sea Bass Ceviche (GF)



Truffled Brie on Toasted Sourdough (V)

Gougere with A Fricassee of Wild Mushroom (V)

Buttermilk Fried Goat’s Cheese, Lavender Honey & Black Pepper (GF) (V)

Burrata in Pao De Queijo Cups with Crushed Pea & Mint Salsa (GF) (V)

Goat’s Cheesecake with Red Onion Marmalade & Microsorrel (GF*) (V)

Wild Mushroom Tumbleweeds with Truffled Aioli

Mini Mushroom Scotch Egg



Poponcini Peppers with Vegan Cheese (GF) (VV)

Gobi Naan Stuffed with Roasted Spiced Cauliflower, with Coconut & Coriander Chutney (VV)

Beetroot, Carrot & Kale Fritter with Coconut Yoghurt, Mint (GF) (VV)

Flatbread with Black Garlic Hummus & Tomato Relish (VV)

Vegan Sushi Roll (GF) (VV)

V = vegetarian VV = vegan GF = gluten free
All other allergens available on request.